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Meet Coach Kay

Kennita Williams believes that life is too short to not live life on purpose. As a Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, and most importantly Daughter of the King. Kennita’s mission is to help people awaken to the possibilities in their personal and professional lives. Through spiritual principles, real life stories, prompting questions and a fresh perspective, Kennita inspires audiences to take the first step... “One Step in the Right direction equals progress and progress leads to purpose”. Warm, genuine and engaging, Kennita’s keynotes and workshops combine thought-provoking content, down to earth anecdotes and practical strategies leaving participants feeling uplifted and inspired.

Kennita is the CEO/Founder of Model For the King Life Coaching L. L. C.  Her latest project is her book, Titled Free to See which is currently available for pre-sale. The book provides practical ideas to help people live more mindful and intentional lives.

Kennita is a proud Air Force Spouse, married to  her husband (Retired MSgt) Nicholas for 22 years.  They currently reside in North Pole Alaska with their son Nicholas D. (10).  They also have a daughter Keiara (19) who attends Charleston Southern University, Charleston, South Carolina.  Kennita has more than twenty years of experience as an educator, mentor, consultant and group facilitator. Kennita holds a Professional Certified Coach credential from the Breaking Point Coaching Collective.

What is Model for the King All About?

How I will help you?

As a certified Life Coach, I can help you discover your way forward and walk the path God has created you to walk. Sure we all have plans, but Purpose is so much better.

Stop Reliving your past! It’s time to step into a brighter future. Let me help you, one step at a time.


I can help you:
- Discover your purpose ... God’s Plan
- Gain Emotional Balance
- Tap into your inner wisdom
- Get out of your own way
- Create Healthier Relationships
- Navigate Transitions
- Change Your Quality of Life
- Set and Reach Goals
- Create Action Steps
- Find What Motivates You
- Keep Moving Forward. One step at a time.

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Grab a Copy of My Book

Free to See will lead you on a journey to walk according to who God created you to be. It’s time to see with new eyes and leave behind the obstacles that block your freedom. Through personal stories, this devotional  invites you to take the first step toward clarity to renew your hope and vision.

*Free to See is on pre-publication sale until it is published. Sale price of $10.99 available through pre-publication. Regular price will be $12.99.