Take One Step

Don't wait for the conditions or timing to be just right. The time is now!

Know that “One Step” in the right direction will lead you to your purpose. We all have two choices:
1. Stay Stuck
2. Move Forward
Don't wait for the conditions or timing to be just right. The time is now!
- How do I move forward?
- Have you ever said that before?
- If so, it may be time for a change.
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How I will help you?

As a certified Life Coach, I can help you discover your way forward and walk the path God has created you to walk. Sure we all have plans, but Purpose is so much better.

Stop Reliving your past! It’s time to step into a brighter future. Let me help you, one step at a time.


I can help you:
- Discover your purpose ... God’s Plan
- Gain Emotional Balance
- Tap into your inner wisdom
- Get out of your own way
- Create Healthier Relationships
- Navigate Transitions
- Change Your Quality of Life
- Set and Reach Goals
- Create Action Steps
- Find What Motivates You
- Keep Moving Forward. One step at a time.

Customized Curriculum to Keep you on Track

  • Step By Step Goal Planning

    Easty to follow, faith based goal planning

  • Personal Planning and Goal Setting

    Custom faith based goal setting, personalized to your needs.

  • Value Based Goal Planning

    Set your intentions and plan your goals the Biblical way!

  • Complete Action Plan

    A full plan of action to keep you on track and reaching your goals.

Hear From Clients Who Took One Step

Model For The King, Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this great Life Coaching/Counseling experience!  Being involved with this organization has allowed me to focus more on #selfcare and supporting this circle.  You are doing AMAZING things!  Keep moving to the 🔝
Kennita Williams I am so proud of the Life Coach, Author, Visionary and Business Owner (among so many of your other talents) that you are and I see much more to come in your future. 

Latoya Smith

Model For The King, Coach Kay Gave me clarity in a time where my vision was blurred. Through Coach Kay I was able to hone in on my niche, and focus on my coaching business Soar Fearlessly. We met at a women's conference in Richmond VA and we connected immediately. I have found a sister for life. I remember her words clearly SHINE!! Thank you for the support and continued encouragement. 

Adranae Mena

“Coach Kay has been my number one cheerleader, mentor, and trusted friend since the first time we met. She immediately took a vested interest in not only my life and that of my family, but she genuinely cared for my success and happiness. Every time I need my mentor, she is ready with her wisdom and kindness. Coach Kay, we are so blessed by you! Thank you for sharing all of you with us!”

 Heather Campbell

The ability for Coach Kay to encourage so many is truly a gift from God. Model for the King provides an example of purpose meeting passion while  walking in faith. Keep Shining Coach Kay the world is waiting for you and all God entrusts you to bring forth. Clear Vision 2020 was a life transforming time no one who attended will ever be the same. Awaiting the details fir 2021. Continue to go forth and keep launching out into the deep, greater lies there.

Lashondria Smith

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